I Don’t Even Bother Looking at the Mainstream Sites Now

After I found a nifty feed site for the latest Trump news, I don’t even bother going to the big news sites now. I actually dumped all the bookmarks as well, which felt good because I got rid of so much clutter. I still visit the sites, but only if I decided to click on a link in the news feed. It’s so much easier to wade through the enormous deluge of Trump related news articles by using this great site. You just scroll through the feed until something catches your eye, click on it, and there you are.

I’m a total news junkie, mainly revolving around politics, and I’m also a fanatical Donald Trump supporter. I so strongly supported Trump for president that I started a fairly successful blog shortly after he announced his candidacy for the presidency back in July of 2015. People said I was absolutely nuts to support him. He’s a clown they said. Someone actually said my cheese had slid off my cracker! Guess who is laughing now? Anyway, this news feed site has been an absolute blessing to me because I’m actually saving several hours a day hunting for articles to write about for my blog.

The news feed is great. Did I mention they have a way where you can filter for articles from specific websites? That makes a huge difference considering they are aggregating articles from dozens of sites. I can look for what CNN is saying (as if I didn’t know), but I can also look at Reddit, Google News, and lots more. One thing you notice when you’re using this feed is how much of what Trump is doing that is good is being hidden by news agencies here in the States. I’ve turned some friends on to this site and they all love it. Make America Great Again!