Our Twin Lakes Apartment in Wichita is Like Resort Living to Us

We were selling our home and moving to an apartment. We hit the jackpot when we looked for 2 bedroom apartments in Wichita KS. Twin Lakes has a 22-acre lake that is stocked with fish. If you like fishing, this place is for the residents. If you don’t fish, you have a 22-acre lake to still enjoy. We are close to the places we shop at, and we are much closer to our work. This was the best decision we have made in years. We only moved because Twin Lakes was so inviting, affordable and allowed us to bring our two dogs. We have two nosy pugs that are family to us.

We do not have children, but we got a two bedroom place to be able to have relatives visit us and have a room for them. During the holidays we might have four or five relatives stay for a few days. This is when we bring out the air mattress and sleeping bags. The rest of the year we use the spare bedroom as an office. There is a desk in there and a filing cabinet, and we usually have paperwork spread out on the bed. The bed is too high for the pugs to jump up on, so our mattress top filing system stays neat.

We enjoy our days here in Wichita. I did not know that apartments like they have at Twin Lakes even existed. The rent is very affordable for our place. They even offer apartments where all of your utility costs are included with your monthly lease payment. This is great for those who do not have any variability in their monthly budgets. Some people, due to wages, are on the equivalent of a fixed income, so having fixed expenses is very nice. That lake, though, it is something else. It is big and very beautiful and it is right outside. Five saltwater swimming pools are also here. This is like resort living to us.